3 Motive sa participi la CugiRace 2024

7 Septembrie 2024
Castigi Sanatate

Gain health.

Running reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

Timp de calitate

Quality time

Spend quality time with family, friends and nice people who will inspire you.

UTMB Qualifier

UTMB Qualifier

The finalists of the ultramarathon race benefit from 3 ITRA qualification points at UTMB

CugiRace recommendations

opinions of participants from previous editions


2021 edition - Bogdan Tala, 5th place, Ultramarathon

Even though it is not (yet) a notorious race, with many participants, the atmosphere was millions, the organizers and volunteers being far beyond expectations.
E un ultra “de fuga” , cu traseu alergabil, ideal pentru cei care vor sa facă tranziția de la maraton la ultra .
Jos pălăria pentru organizatori , concurenți și tuturor participanților


2021 Edition - Victor Stefan, 1st place, "Silviu Pîclișan" Cross Country, men, open

"Since I was a child, I was wondering -" What is it like to finish a competition first? To climb the highest step of the podium ... "🥇
I had the pleasure of living this experience this weekend in Alba County, near Cugir at CugiRace - the 10km Silviu Pîclişan Cross Country Race. 🏃‍♂️🏞
Thanks for organizing Sovereșan Andrei-Gratian and the entire Raw Nature Experience team and I recommend you try CugiRace or any other trail or road competition, for those who have not yet had the courage.
Grade 10 Start / Finish Zone - Poiana Cu Goruni 🏞 "


2021 edition - Vali V. Popescu - half marathon runner

It was well marked, well fed only good for running. I received a nice kit with nice stuff in it from the t-shirt and number to samples of all kinds of natural syrups, delicious bars from Tata Vlad and others. I want more at #Cugirace


2021 edition - Olivia Trifa, Short Race Runners

If I had known that these competitions and events are so beautiful, I would have started running ... from a very young age. Saturday was a special day, spent running and not only, with wonderful people, lovers of sports and nature, in a charming location - POIANA CU GORUNI, near Cugir. Thanks to the entire CugiRace team!


2021 edition - Ecaterina Gorea, 2nd place in the women's half marathon

I would like to thank everyone involved in this project, and I wish you as many successful editions as possible. Organization of grade ten with congratulations
. See you next year healthy and cheerful 🤗❤ I love you nice people! 🤗🥰


2021 edition - Florin, half marathon runner

It was special to me. In high school, the endurance test, the 1000m, was the last thing I would have done on my own initiative 😅
A few years ago I started running and yesterday was the first half marathon I have participated in in the 47 years since I appeared on this planet 😅
We had a few moments of balance, such as wandering through the forest at km 9 😁
In the end, I was glad I was done. I will continue to participate in each edition 😍


Andrei Soveresan
 +40 771 478 158
Monday- Friday, 08:00 - 22:00