Positive ascent +2730 m
Deadline: 13 hours
PA Prislop – 6 ore
PA Tăul Lupșii – 9 ore
PA Turnul de Apă – 11 ore
ITRA points 3 points
Participation statement: HERE

Food/Revitalization points
PA Fețeni: 11 Km
PA Prislop: 26,5 Km
PA Tăul Lupșii: 33 Km
PA Răchita: 42,5 Km
PA Turnul cu Apă: 60 Km
Punct live timing: 4
PC Fețeni: 11 Km
PC Vf. Lupșa: 30 Km
PC Răchita: 42,5 Km
PC Bucuru: 50,5 Km

Record Ultra 
Masculin6h13'29" (2023)
Feminin7h51'16" (2022)
PuncteBest TimeSlow Time
Tunul de Apa3h47'11h48'

The start of the ultramarathon will be from Poiana cu Goruni .
You will run on the road that goes down to Vinerea until the first intersection, after which the route continues on the road on the right, passing a few chalets.

The road will continue through the forest, after which it will run on a path that will cross several paths until it enters the Vaideiului Forest.

The route will continue until you come out on the edge of the forest, at a crossroads. From here you will enter the forest again until Crucea Romoșelului, following the descent on Valea Dăii until the first intersection, after which you will leave the main road and start an ascent to the village of Fețeni.

The ridge will follow, on the road that separates Alba and Hunedoara counties, passing on Frăsinei Peak, Tomnatec Peak, Fața Bătrână Peak, to Prislop Chalet. The route will continue on Culmea Prislopului and will go up on Vf. Lupșa, after which it will descend in the valley of Râului Mic Cugir, at Tăul Lupșii.

From here, the ascent on Moliviș Hill will start and you will go on the ridge route between Răfăianu Peak and Răchita Peak, until Bocșitura hamlet. From Bocșitura the route continues to the hamlet of Bucuru, from where the descent to the Mic Cugir River begins, following the Wasserline to the Roman Catholic Church, from where you can see the panorama of the city from south to north.

From here you will go down and pass in front of the Cugir factory, cross the road and enter the Suseni neighborhood, until you reach Valea Dăii again. The route continues on a path going up Cetate Hill, after which you will cross Valea Viilor and Dumbravă Hill. From here the route will go past the city's gardens to Țara Vânturilor Hill, under which you will run to the entrance to the forest and the exit to the arrival in Poiana cu Goruni.