Length 21KM
Positive ascent: 800m
Deadline:6 hours

The start of the half marathon will be from the Cugir Arena stadium with the direction of running towards Victoriei Street to the bridge over the Gugului brook, after which the route will go through the gardens to under the "Land of the Wind" (Țara Vântului)

The route will bypass the "Land of the Wind", to the edge of the Vaideiului forest, after which it will follow the forest edge until we intersect with the Vaideiului road that we will leave taking a forest road on the left that will run to the road that separates Alba county from Hunedoara county. It will run on this ridge road, until the Romoșelului Cross, after which it will descend on Valea Dăii, until the first intersection.

From here we will leave the main road and start an ascent to the village of Fețeni. Once we reach the first houses in the hamlet, we will go on the ridge road, after which we will run on the forest roads of the hamlet.

From here you will run on Wasserline, to the Water Tower, after which you will go to the Roman Catholic Church, from where you can see the panorama of the city from south to north

From here you will descend and pass in front of the Cugir factory, after which you will run on the former railway to the Red Bridge, where you will cross the river "Râul Mare" towards Cindeni

From here you will run on Mihai Viteazul street to the intersection with Drăgana and Mihail Kogălniceanu streets. Continue on Mihail Kogălniceanu Street to the Cindeniului Bridge, where you will cross the river again and run straight to Cugir Arena