27.04.2024 ultima actualizare

1. Participation fees

PeriodCrossHalf MarathonUltramarathon
February 1 - May 190 lei110 lei130 lei
May 2 - July 1110 lei130 lei 150 lei
2 Iulie - 21 August130 lei150 lei180 lei

2. Sign Up

The registration is made by filling in the form on the event page at: cugirace.ro/inscrieri.

Înscrierile se fac doar online, până la data de 20 august, 2024. Nu se fac înscrieri la fața locului.

After registration, the name, race, category, club, team and validation status are automatically registered in the participation list.

Each participant will have to pay a participation fee which includes:

  • Race package that will include the contest number
  • The competition jersey
  • Timing - active timing system (without timing chip)
  • “Gulaș Party” oferită după concurs
  • Medal depending on the race, offered to all participants who complete the race in the indicated time.
  • Revitalization and check points, on the race route.
  • Isotonic drinks offered on the route and in the Start / Arrival area
  • Electronic ranking and diploma
  • Providing medical care in case of need, at the points indicated by the organizers
  • Raffle with surprise prizes for participants and volunteers

The contest is open to those who have reached the age of 18 and are medically fit to support this type of effort, based on the declaration on their own responsibility signed to validate the registration.

Persons over the age of 14 can also participate with a notarized power of attorney of approval from both parents or the legal guardian, and a certificate from the doctor that they are fit for physical effort to participate in the mountain half marathon / mountain marathon, depending on the situation.

Declaration of participation will be completed by each competitor at the time of validation.

If for any reason you wish to cancel the registration please notify us by email at contact[at]cugirace.ro

Până la data de 1 August 2024, taxa se returnează în cuantum de 50%. După această dată taxa nu se returnează existând următoarea variantă:

  • Transferul înscrierii către un alt participant (acest lucru este posibil DOAR până la data de 20 August 2024) și are o taxă de 20 de lei. Înscrierea poate fi transferată altei persoane trimițând un e-mail, confirmarea scrisă pe e-mail din partea organizatorilor reprezintă validarea noului înscris.

The organizers reserve the right to offer Wildcards. Maximum number of participants: 400 all events.


In case of withdrawal from the race the participation fee will not be refunded.

3. Participation kit

Kitul de participare se ridica DOAR personal

  1. Număr de concurs
  2. Tricoul competiției (ghid mărimi tricou – here – )
  3. Bags
  4. Medal finisher
  5. Gulaș Party
  6. Additional route marking
  7. Food/Revitalization points
  8. Electronic diploma of participation
  9. Product awards for categories
  10. Cash prizes for open
  11. Buff

4. Equipment

  • number (given by the organizer) which must be worn on the front, visible
  • running shoe with mountain profile sole
  • reusable water bottle / glass

    The following equipment is recommended::
  • energy bars or energy gels
  • rain/wind coat (mandatory equipment in bad weather conditions)
  • mobile phone with charged battery
  • hat / headband / buff

5 . Cash prize fund -


Awards by category

UltramarathonM/F 16-29M/F 30-39M/F 40-49M/F 50+
Half MarathonM/F 16-29M/F 30-39M/F 40-49M/F 50+
CrossM/F 16-29M/F 30-39M/F 40-49M/F 50+

6. Schedule

Pick up racing kits

Vineri 6 Septembrie 2024- 14:00-22:00 din Race area Poiana cu Goruni
Sâmbătă 7 Septembrie 2024 – 06:00-08:45 din Poiana cu Goruni

Program cugiRace – 7 Septembrie 2024

06:45 Technical meeting Ultramarathon
06:55 Warm-up and stretching exercises
07:00 Start Ultramarathon
08:45 Technical meeting Half Marathon, Cross
08:55 Warm-up and stretching exercises
09:00 Start Half Marathon, Cross
09:20 Warm-up and stretching exercises
12:00 Start Kid's Race - variable distance, by age categories
14:00 – 18:45 Gulaș Party
15:00 - 18:00 Free program
16:00 Premiere Cros si Semimaraton (open and age categories)
19:00 Prize awards for Ultramarathon (open and age categories)

Program cugiRace – 8 Septembrie 2024

12:00 Young and old cleaning time of the area (the cugiRace - Glade Goruni)

Depending on weather conditions or unforeseen events, changes may occur that will be announced by the organizers.

Changing the weather or the conditions of the route can also cause the arrival time limits to change at the checkpoints. The deadlines in normal weather conditions will appear on the competition map.

Participants who do not meet the deadlines will be stopped from the race for their own safety and will have to return to the finish line accompanied by the organizers.

In case of changes in this program, they will be announced by the organizers in due time on all communication channels: e-mail, facebook page, competition website.

7. Checkpoints

During the route there will be checkpoints and food points where you will find energy drinks, water, fruit, sugar and various foods.

Checkpoints and refueling points will be marked accordingly and will be visible. There will also be mobile or unannounced stations.

8. Disqualification

The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any participant if they do not comply with this regulation or in one of the following situations:

  • loss or change of the competition number;
  • non-compliance with the route;
  • use of a means of transport during the race;
  • leaving the equipment on the route;
  • throwing garbage on the route, the packaging used can be left at checkpoints or supply points;
  • failure to provide assistance to another runner in difficulty within the “Primum non nocere” rule - First of all, let's not do worse
  • lack of respect for other competitors, organizers, volunteers
  • exceeding the time limit previously announced by the organizers

9. Safety

During the competition, the road traffic on the sections of road open to road traffic will not be restricted, also on the route of the competition you can meet other vehicles, tourists, animals. This fact entails on the participants the obligation to respect the rules of conduct in traffic imposed by law.

Any accident involving the participants of cugiRace that occurred during the competition due to non-compliance with the competition rules and traffic rules imposed by law will be the responsibility of those involved in the accident.

Runners are responsible for participating in this race, the organizers do not assume any obligation in case a competitor is injured or injured or other consequences occur due to participation in this competition.

There will be a first aid point where specialized medical service will be provided in case of need.

The organizers do not assume responsibility for objects lost or forgotten on the route during the competition. These will be collected by volunteers and brought to the Lost and Found box.

10. Supporters

It is forbidden for fans and spectators to accompany the participants in the race. It is also forbidden to help of any kind from the outside except for the food points where participants can receive food and energy drinks from fans and spectators. The space will be delimited and marked by the organizers.

During the race each participant must bring his own equipment and is forbidden to receive outside help.

The organizers may penalize / disqualify participants whose supporters do not comply with these rules.

11. Contestație

În cazul în care un participant dorește să depună contestație, o poate face pentru o taxă de 200 RON, dar nu mai târziu de premierea oficială. Contestația se soluționează în maxim 1 oră de la depunere. În cazul în care contestația se admite, persoana reclamantă va primi înapoi taxa de contestație.

12. Anulare Cursă

The organizers reserve the right to change the route at any time, route changes will be announced in advance.

The organizers reserve the right to cancel / postpone the race in exceptional cases provided that all participants are notified in advance.

In case of unfavorable weather conditions and / or other special conditions, the organizers reserve the right to stop the race or to change the time barrier.

In case of force majeure, by this we mean any events that could influence the smooth running of the competition such as: major floods, natural disasters or major political events that cause the organizers to cancel the competition, the participation fee will not be refunded, will set another date for the competition.