The "athlete" as his friends and family called him, was my father, Silviu Pîclișan. He really liked to run, not only for competitions but especially on the hills of Cugir, on Râul Mare or on Râul Mic, either with his team or alone, only him and his thoughts. Although he has discovered his passion for athletics even from childhood, only at the age of 50 the time allowed him a moment of respite when he began to practice this sport with all his soul, participating to many cross country competitions as possible, as if he wanted to make up for lost time. After each kilometer he has run, with every medal he has brought home, my father rejuvenated. It didn't matter to him what the weather was like. His training was more important than wind or rain. One winter it was snowing like in a fairy tale on the city but Silviu was running at the stadium with gloves in his hands and a hat on the head, alone and without any worries, getting ready for the competition.

Since then I have run with him many times, inspired by his love for athletics. He told me that for him running means the release of the mind and spirit, handcuffed by the troubles and routine of life, even more, a reconnection with nature, with God.

He registered and participated in sports competitions either at Alba Iulia City Race - Cross of the Union, Cross of Europe, at Deva, Aiud, Cluj-Napoca, Jidvei, Bucharest, etc. every year, bringing home many medals, diplomas and awards. He set personal records at the 10 km cross, half marathon and marathon, becoming more and more competitive each year. He always encouraged me to run more for the happiness he proudly displayed when he had showed us his last medal won. But not only that brought him joy, but especially the fact that he had found his place in the team of Cugir runners, either younger or older, whom he appreciated and loved.

Overwhelmed by sports ecstasy, he became eager to retire after 40 years of service at the Cugir Weapons Factory in order to dedicate himself entirely to the athletic career, as well as to the grandfather career, but his dreams and hopes would be shattered after his last participation at the 10 km cross organized at home, when he learns from doctors that his body is suffering from relentless cancer. He didn't give up. He began to fight with the help of chemotherapy, his family and our prayers. After a few months, there was a glimmer of victory that faded quickly because, in a short time, the disease did not allow him to get up, to run, and to hope anymore. Thus he passed among the eternal ones on November 4, 2020, leaving behind the painful hearts of his wife and daughters, but filled with beautiful memories.

With tears in my eyes I prepare for training. I’m running to the stadium round after round, forgetting everything, only with the cold slag under my feet and the blue sky above. Then I see him running next to me… he's the athlete, our colleague, my father.